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Pee Pants is a revolutionary, more convenient,
and more discreet way to pee that's changing
the outdoor experience for women everywhere.
Experience the personal freedom that comes with wearing Pee Pants from Kicos Medical. Pee Pants is a fully self-contained, waterless, hands-free urinary relief system for active women. Pee Pants was designed by medical professionals to provide a clean, safe, discreet solution to one of the biggest problems facing many women - their personal needs when out enjoying life and having fun. Stop letting urinary needs interrupt your life.
Try Pee Pants for yourself and enjoy complete personal freedom!
Want to hear from the man behind the pants? Dr. John Kicos calls into The Matt & Ramona Show in Charlotte on 107.9 The Link. Listen to the interview to hear what all the excitement is about!
  • Hands free urinary relief
  • No Undressing
  • Self-contained, 100% discreet
They finally invented a way to make up for the fact that us girls lack point and shoot technology! Hooray!
I love the idea of 'pee pants' too!
This invention allows women the ability to continue moving when they have to relieve themselves, men have been able to do that since we became bi-pedal.
-Margery Glickman blog article