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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What are Pee Pants?
A. Pee Pants are basically a self-contained waterless hands free urinary relief system for both women and men. A soft comfortable form fitted undergarment contains a soft medical grade silicone funnel tube that connects to a medical grade urologic leg collection bag.
Q. Can I use them sitting down?
A. Pee Pants can be worn sitting down, but you cannot void while sitting, you need to be standing for them to work - Pee Pants relies on gravity to fill the bag.
Q. Are they underwear or diapers?
A. It is actual underwear, a form fitted type that has been modified to contain the functional components.
Q. Do you have them for woman and men?
A. Yes, we have them for both women and men.
Q. Do you have different styles?
A. Yes, there are two different styles to choose from to fit your lifestyle. One style has a leg collection bag and the other style is bag-less with a continuous tube.
Q. Do I still have to undress to pee?
A. No, that is the great thing about Pee Pants. No undressing, no dirty bathrooms, and no squatting!
Q. How do you empty the bag?
A. Simply reach up under your pant leg, grab the drain port, and empty.
Q. Can I wear them with pants?
A. Yes, you can wear Pee Pants with any loose fitting pants and they are undetectable.
Q. Can I wear them in public?
A. Yes, this is why we make them, so you can "go on the go".
Q. How do I clean them?
A. Simply run soapy water, white vinegar, or mouth wash through the system, filling up the bag and draining several times. Hand wash and air dry.