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Not having to worry!

Experience the personal freedom that comes with wearing Pee Pants from Kicos Medical. Pee Pants is a fully self-contained, waterless, hands-free urinary relief system for active women. Pee Pants was designed by medical professionals to provide a clean, safe, discreet solution to one of the biggest problems facing many women - their personal needs when out enjoying life and having fun. Stop letting urinary needs interrupt your life.

Pee Pants are perfect for sporting events, tailgating, races, camping, hunting, concerts, skiing, wherever life takes you. When it's time for relief, you just stand up and go. So simple, so discreet, nobody even needs to know. Thank goodness for Pee Pants!

Your active lifestyle deserves a new level of comfort with Pee Pants!
  • Hands free on-the-go relief
  • Fully self-contained
  • No unfair waiting in line
  • Drink it & Drain It!
I love going to music festivals, but once you get up front, you can't leave and expect to get back to front row. Pee Pants lets me enjoy the whole show and a cold beer also!
-Jill Fenale, Woodstock, VT
Pee Pants is a life saver at New Years Eve in times square. Let's face it, part of the fun includes drinking, but peeing? Not fun. Pee Pants to the rescue! And the best part is nobody even knows!
-Leslie Goodfellow, Albany NY
When going to comedy clubs, I always held back on my drinking because, well, it's no secret women can experience leakage when we have to pee and laugher takes over. Now I slip on my Pee Pants before heading out for the night, and no worries! Thank you Pee Pants!
-Susan Phelps, Charlotte NC